Best Restaurants in Sheung Wan

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

Who says you need to travel to 196 countries to taste the flavors of the world? In Hong Kong, you can experience a culinary tour in just a few days. Indeed, with more than 11,000 restaurants, this is the Culinary Capital of Asia!

Whether it's the hustle and bustle of a traditional Cantonese dim sum restaurant, the quiet elegance of a 3-Michelin star French venue, the spicy aromas of an Indian curry, or the hippie earthiness of a vegetarian café, Hong Kong has it all. Similarly, you can dine with the whole of Hong Kong as your backdrop at Victoria Peak, beside the Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui or Central, by a chic plaza, atop a ship, or amongst locals in a trendy neighborhood; it's all there for you to sample.Be sure to try Hong Kong's specialties before you go: Cantonese dim sum and seafood!