Best Singaporean and Malaysian Restaurants in Hong Kong

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

Both Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines serve a lot of noodles and rice as the base of every meal. They use lots of coconut and coconut byproducts, along with countless spices, to ensure their food reaches the right consistency, texture and taste.

Malaysian restaurants also have a reputation of serving spicy foods, although you can always request the level of spiciness you like. Notable dishes are Gado-gado (a vegetable salad served with peanut sauce dressing), Bakmi Goreng (fried noodles served with egg, your meat of choice and veggies), and Nasi Goreng (Malaysian fried rice cooked with sweet soy sauce and served with egg, fried chicken and shrimp crackers). Most Singaporean-Malaysian restaurants are found in Kowloon. See our list to discover more Singaporean-Malaysian specialties.