Best Shopping in Stanley

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

Shop 'til you drop isn't a cliché here, it's just another normal day. Asia's largest Louis Vuitton store? Check. Souvenirs of all shapes and sizes? Check. Electronics galore and hidden funky finds? Check.

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. You can find just about everything you can imagine (and some things you couldn't!), from the latest designer fashions and electronic gadgets to great value antiques and collectibles. Everything from glitzy malls to funky street markets and trendy boutiques to traditional Chinese product stores.The shopping in Hong Kong is, and has always been, legendary thanks to the city's title as the fashion capital of Asia. As such, it is the place to tap into the latest and hottest trends, and to take advantage of the amazing variety that comes hand in hand with being a fashion hub.