Best Arts and Crafts in Hong Kong

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

The Cantonese people love to create arts and crafts whether in the vein of their traditional beliefs and spirituality or influenced by the modern trends of today.

From the Neolithic ages and the discovery of jade, up to the time when the influence of Buddhism came, the Chinese have been making arts and crafts using all kinds of mediums to express their rich history and culture. Timeworn forms of art in Hong Kong includes acrobatic performances, Chinese folk dances, Chinese opera, painting, calligraphy, lanterns, ceramics, paper cuttings, silk products manufacturing, kites making, and embroidery. The oldest market for arts and crafts is Western Market. Hong Kong holds art exhibitions and event shows for traders with the objective of having a dialogue on contemporary works of arts and arts rooting from Hong Kong culture. Appreciate all levels of creative form by browsing MyDestination HK Arts and Crafts list.