Best Local Street Markets in Stanley

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

Even if Hong Kong is not known for having extreme sports and activities like bungee jumping and skiing, you can still do something that counts as “going out of your comfort zone”…and it is through shopping at their local street markets.

It is for the adventurous and the one who has the oomph to constantly search for the best finds. Local street markets in Hong Kong are separated in themed districts depending on the products they sell. Most of them usually open at afternoon up to midnight. They sell cheap home décor, electronics, mobile phones, all types of clothes, toys, souvenirs, and even birds and goldfish! While some of them sell branded products, others sell only copy of famous brands – or what they call Class A imitations. The best thing about street markets is that they accept price bargaining from 20% to 50% off. See Practical Info for shopping tips. In the meantime, browse our list of local street markets to know where to grab your favorite product at its cheapest.