Best Dim Sum and Cantonese Foods Restaurants in Wan chai

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

What's more special than trying Dim Sum and Cantonese food in Hong Kong - its birthplace? In Hong Kong, Dim Sum and other Cantonese dishes will surely satisfy you because of their authentic flavor and style.

A Cantonese restaurant is a good choice for a gathering of family and friends, which has always been called 'Yum Cha' or 'drinking tea'. Most people eat dim sum in the morning, especially during the weekends, follwed by 2-3 hours chit-chatting or reading the newspaper. A helpful tip: don't be surprised by the manner of service of the waiters inside Cantonese restaurants, such as throwing a plate or cup on the table. They're just making sure they serve all of the guests as fast as they can. Need we say more about the location of dim sum and Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong? MyDestination HK says, it's everywhere!