Autumn Adventures: Hiking and Nature Trails in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Discover scenic trails and enjoy the crisp autumn air

1. Dragon's Back Trail

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the Dragon's Back Trail. This scenic 8.5-kilometer hike offers sweeping views over rugged coastline and lush green hills. A must-visit trail for nature lovers and photographers alike.


2. Lantau Trail

Explore the largest island in Hong Kong, Lantau Island, by hiking the Lantau Trail. This 70-kilometer trail takes you through picturesque landscapes, including stunning beaches, mountains, and traditional fishing villages.


3. Ma On Shan Trail

Experience a mix of nature and urban scenery on the Ma On Shan Trail. This 5-kilometer trail takes you to the summit of Ma On Shan, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.


4. Lion Rock Trail

Conquer Lion Rock, one of Hong Kong's most iconic peaks, on the Lion Rock Trail. This challenging hike rewards you with stunning views of the city skyline, Victoria Harbour, and Kowloon.


5. Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Visit the highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan, and explore the surrounding country park. Enjoy beautiful walks through lush forests, bamboo groves, and cascading waterfalls.


6. Pineapple Dam and Plover Cove Reservoir

Explore the beautiful Pineapple Dam and Plover Cove Reservoir on a hike in the Northeastern New Territories. Enjoy stunning views of the reservoir, surrounding mountains, and the infamous Pineapple Dam.


7. Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region

Discover the unique geological formations of the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region. This trail takes you through scenic landscapes featuring hexagonal rock columns, sea caves, and picturesque coastal views.