Weather Information

Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius in winter (January to March) and exceeding 31 degrees Celsius in summer (July to September). Winters in Hong Kong are mild and usually start sunny. The occasional cold front brings strong and cooling winds. Summer is mostly humid with occasional rainfall and thunderstorms. About 90 per cent of the rainfall occurs between April and September. Thinking when’s the best time to visit? Choose what weather suits you best. During October – December, temperatures are moderate, and it is when the skies are clear and the sun shines. Come January to February, it’s mostly cloudy and cold but dry. It is not advisable to go during March until May because the humidity is high, therefore fog and drizzles can make touring difficult. If you’re a backpacker and insist to go an adventure even on a rainy weather amidst sweltering heat and humidity, then it would be okay to go to Hong Kong from June to August.  Be warned though that come September, typhoons will start to loom often.


For average monthly temperature and rainfall and weekly weather forecasts, check out Hong Kong Observatory website.