Culture Info

It is said that Hong Kong’s universal appeal is evident in a variety of ways. This must have been a reflection on the city’s cosmopolitan population and its people’s diverse roots and backgrounds. Being under the rule of the British for many years and having migrants from China has made Hong Kong a place where "East meets West". The way of life of the people here is quite simple: a balance between traditional Chinese practices and modernity.  For example, up to now Feng shui –an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive energies – is a big part in making everyday life decisions and especially in making a business thrive.  Aside from reflecting Feng Shui beliefs, infrastructures in Hong Kong are defined by edginess in architectural innovation and cultural diversity. This makes Hong Kong one of the most vibrant commercial centers in the world.

What the people cook and eat here also characterizes the fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines, where dim sum, hot pot, bird’s nest soup, moon cake and other Hong Kong local specialties coexist with pizzas, burgers, pasta, nachos and other Western delicacies.

When it comes to forms of entertainment, the HK Government cultivates an environment open to artistic freedom, multi-ethnic promotion of the arts, and sporting excellence. In proof of this, Hong Kong hosts a variety of cultural and leisure events and sporting events every year.

Supporting cultural institutions such as the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, has always been one of Hong Kong government's priorities, being handled by their Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Subsidies are given by this agency and sponsors to international performers brought to Hong Kong. Some of the well-known cultural events in Hong Kong are the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the International Arts Carnival, the Hong Kong Flower Show, and Chinese Opera Festival.

Hong Kong also boasts of gaining a high level popularity in the field of martial arts as notable actors and martial artists originated from Hong Kong cinema, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung and Jet Li. Hong Kong film-makers have also achieved widespread fame in Hollywood. Hong Kong has its own brand of music as well, called 'Canto pop', which draws its influence from other forms of Chinese music and globally popular genres.

Lastly, despite its limited land area, Hong Kong still hosts sporting opportunities. Some of these are the Dragon Boat Festival, the Hong Kong (Rugby) Sevens , the Hong Kong Marathon and the Hong Kong Open (Golf) Championship.