Best Karaoke in Hong Kong

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Hong Kong team

One of the world's guiltless pleasures is singing. Karaoke bars are venues wherein you can exercise the right to express yourself through song, whether you're happy, sad, or just excited. In Hong Kong, karaoke bars are more popular than ever.

Karaoke bars vary in terms of capacity, price range (usually depends on the number of hours you require the room), and the food and drinks they offer. Usually, the room provides a minimum of 1 LCD TV, 1 song selector remote, 3 microphones and tons of songs - in different languages - to choose from the directory. Prices range from HK$100-HK$200 per person inclusive of 2 non-alcoholic drinks, plus a 10% service charge. Some provide you with a discount room plus buffet package if you come in at lunch time or dinner time. Before midnight, they have a package called 'Owl-Time' that allows you sing up to 4:00. Remember that some karaoke bars require you to pay around HK$50-HK$100 for a pack of nuts for every 2 persons in the room.

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