Hong Kong –where East Meets West


Hong Kong, which means "fragrant harbour", is your ultimate gateway to China. Located at the eastern tip of

China, Hong Kong covers Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the Kowloon Peninsula and the New

Territories (the most rural part in Hong Kong), including 262 outlying islands. Between Hong Kong Island

and the Kowloon Peninsula lies Victoria Harbour, one of the world's most renowned deep-water harbours.

In this tourist-friendly city, you’ll be amazed by the diverse contrasts and close proximity of stunning

cityscapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites, and extensive green countryside. All of these symbolize

the people of Hong Kong’s way of life – a balance of modernized lifestyle with traditional Chinese practices. 


Having a unique blend of eastern and western influences makes Hong Kong a premier tourist destination,

as it offers a diverse and exciting travel experience to tourists. Be fascinated by the Chinese and colonial

heritage sites that still exist in Hong Kong, reflecting more than 5,000 years of Chinese history and more than

100 years of British colonial heritage. Ancient Chinese temples spread throughout the territory –mostly in

New Territories– serving followers of Buddhism and Taoism. Hong Kong's diverse range of museums

also provides fascinating insights into the territory's colourful history and development. Others cover art,

history, heritage, antiquities, film, medical sciences, housing, and much more. There are also stimulating

interactive exhibits in museums of science, space, and such special interest subjects as teaware. Next,

witness Hong Kong’s success at present by viewing high tech modernity in the city boasting a stunning

array of glass, steel and marble-clad edifices that are monuments to modern architecture, proving Hong

Kong to be a world-class financial, trading and business center. To refresh your mind and soul away from the

modernity of the city, visit one or two of Hong Kong’s country parks and marine parks which are popular with

hikers and nature lovers. 



You'll never run out of leisure activities in Hong Kong. Entertain yourself by shopping for

a variety of products –from the latest designer fashions and electronic gadgets to best-value antiques and

collectibles– and brands in all price ranges, as Hong Kong has everything from glitzy malls to street

markets, and trendy boutiques to traditional Chinese product stores and themed shopping districts.

Celebrate with Hong Kong’s festive events by attending local festivals that fall within social practices, and

rituals such as the Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade and Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance. If you’re in for

more adventure and energy-boosting activities, visit Hong Kong’s most popular theme parks. You can

also attend some of the many cultural arts and sporting events that Hong Kong hosts every year. 



With more than 50,000 rooms available, Hong Kong offers a huge choice of accommodation to suit every

budget, from modest guesthouses and youth hostels through to every range of hotel up to super luxury. You

can enjoy a harbour view or stay among the big city lights, in more rural settings or beside a beach. No

matter where you stay, the excellent, efficient, safe, affordable and frequent public transport system

comprised of taxis, ferries, rails, buses and trams, ensures all of Hong Kong’s attractions are close at

hand, giving you wonderful glimpses of the city along the way. Gastronomical delights are everywhere,

giving you a taste of Hong Kong, many of them clustered in defined food districts. Travellers can

enjoy the best Cantonese and regional Chinese food, as well as a choice of authentic Asian cuisines and

Western fare. Local special dishes are dim sum and fresh seafood. 


Hong Kong’s official language is Cantonese. You need not worry about asking help from the locals

because English is spoken by as a second language –making it an official language as well. Signs

displaying both Chinese and English are common throughout the territory. Hong Kong's climate is sub-

tropical, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius in winter (January to March) and

exceeding 31 degrees Celsius in summer (July to September). About 90 per cent of the rainfall occurs

between April and September. You need to secure a visa before entering Hong Kong.