Hong Kong is a marvelous place for hiking, with some beautifully maintained hiking trails and country parks. Few people in Hong Kong have their own gardens, but this rarely seems to matter, since we have the lush country parks of Hong Kong so close at hand. The more accessible parts are occupied at all times by joggers, dog lovers, morning walkers and tai chi devotees.



To many visitors' surprise, almost 70% of Hong Kong's total land area is unspoilt countryside and mountains, and an incredible 40% of the territory has been officially conserved in protected country and marine parks.

The best hiking season is considered to be November through February.

The variety of trails and landscapes leads to a host of options for hiking in Hong Kong. Good routes are possible almost anywhere outside of the main city and towns. Perhaps surprisingly, Hong Kong Island boasts some of the best trails, which are especially good for anyone wanting to give hiking a try.



Note, however, that you are advised not to hike alone and should ensure that the weather is suitable for tramping about (when it’s not raining, that’s usually from late autumn to early spring.) In summer, hiking is tough in Hong Kong, and if you do head out you should take it easy, and drink fluid by the litre, perhaps mixing sports drink and water so your salt levels don’t plummet. Also in summer, be wary of deluges, which can cause flash floods making streams and gullies dangerous.