Bus Information

Like the MTR, buses in Hong Kong will bring you to almost all destinations. You just need to know which route would bring you the fastest to the place you’re going to. Good thing bus routes are showed in bus stops along main avenues. About 570 bus routes are operated by 5 franchised bus companies, managing about 5,800 buses which mostly are air-conditioned and double-deckers. Buses are also numbered to signify the route they follow or the places they reach. The posts in the bus stops show the corresponding numbers of the buses that load/unload in that specific stop.

The main depot on Hong Kong Island is under Exchange Square. On Kowloon, the hub is by the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui. Use Octopus card or give exact fare as change is not given. Citybus, New World First Bus and Kowloon Motor Bus are the major carriers in Hong Kong.

Operating hours: 0530 - 0030 (ex. Midnight Buses)