Airport Info


Since its opening in July 1998, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)  has been named the world’s best airport over 35 times. Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, with 99 airlines providing passenger and/or freight services to more than 154 destinations worldwide. The airport is comprised of 2 terminals. Terminal 1 houses the departures on the upper floor and the arrivals on the lower floor. You can transfer from Terminal 1 to 2 using a free Automated People Mover that arrives every 2 minutes.


Most airlines allow you to check-in up to a day before your flight so that you don’t have to carry your luggage all day while still travelling to your last destinations in Hong Kong . You can check-in at the Hong Kong Station  of Airport Express a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes before the time of your flight. All the check-in processes are already done here as if you’re already at the check-in counter of the airport. Get your boarding card, deposit your luggage, and voila! You can just proceed to the Security and Immigration section once you’re at the airport.

Take note that all airlines flying from Hong Kong International Airport has In Town Check-in EXCEPT for the following:

·Air Philippines

·Angel Air


·Jetstar Asia Airlines

·Oriental Thai



·Turkish Airlines

Here is the list of the airlines that offer check-in 24-hours before your flight:


·CathayPacific Airways



·Mandarin Airlines

·Qantas Airways


·South African Airways

·Swiss International Airlines

·Thai Airways International


If you still want to do it the traditional way, it is advisable to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight so that you have enough time to check-in and explore the many facilities of the airport.  But 90 minutes before your flight is good enough. Check-in time takes around 10-15 minutes on a normal day, and takes as long as 30 minutes during holiday season.


Check out the restrictions information to know what things are prohibited to bring in your carry-in or in your check-in baggage.

On your arrival, you can look for your baggage after passing through Immigration Section. Even at high-peak seasons  where there are lots of people in the airport – hence, lots of baggage – you have plenty of time to look for your things because baggage stays on the carousel within 10 to 15 minutes.

Should you experience lost luggage, or left your baggage because of an emergency, there are left luggage facilities available both in Terminal 1(1st level) and Terminal 2 (3rd level).

Dining, Shopping and Entertainment

The Hong Kong International Airport, which is also used as a stop-over terminal by many passengers, has everything to offer to keep you away from boredom whether you’re into shopping, dining , or entertainment. From electronics , to designer’s fashion , bags, accessories, jewelry, watches, and eyewear, to books & magazines, to luggage & travel accessories, to Duty Free liquor and Tobacco, the shopping center of HKIA has it all. The Airport Skymart is a good place to start your shopping in Hong Kong as it has a downtown pricing guarantee. This means that their product prices are just the same with those sold outside the airport. For the food-lovers, Asian restos as well as Western restos, Fast Food, bakery shops, HK Style coffee shops, and dessert shops are there to suit every budget. For those who need more reasons to stay awake and energetic inside the airport, entertainment hubs such as the 4D Extreme Screen, Aviation Discovery Centre, Asia Hollywood, i-Sports and PlayStation® Gateway are found in Terminal 2 of the HKIA.


Services such as luggage-storage counter, post office, medical center , and free use of phones for calling local numbers in Hong Kong are also available at the airport. At the Hong Kong Tourism Board counters – there are three – in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1, you can get all the maps and other information you need before heading out. Wi-Fi  can be conveniently accessed throughout the airport. Foreign exchange and ATM centers can easily be found in the airport as well.

Transport to and From the Airport

You can go to and leave from Hong Kong International Airport through different modes of transport



Airport Express

Airport Express, a special railway that easily connects the airport to the major places of Hong Kong in as fast as 24 minutes. The Airport Express makes stops at Hong Kong Station, Kowloon, Tsing Yi, the Airport and AsiaWorld Expo. Trains leave from Hong Kong Station every 12 minutes from 05:50am-00:48am. If you are returning within a month, you can save HK$50 by purchasing a round trip ticket. Riding the Airport Express is beneficial to those who want to travel quickly to and from the airport.

Ticket Prices: HK$50 single ride; HK$100 return (1 month validity) from Central Station

                    HK$90 from Kowloon Station

                    HK$60 from Tsing Yi Station





Like in any other airport, taxis are very much available for passengers, especially to those who are not collected by their friends, families, or tourist guides. Taxi units in Hong Kong are color-coded based on the area they serve. See taxi information to know which one you should ride.

Remember: Taxi drivers in Hong Kong don’t allow you to bargain outside the meter price, as it is a rule that all their trips be charged according to the meter count. Your luggage which you have to put at the compartment will cost you a HK$2 surcharge on top of your meter price. Should you pass through any toll bridge, it is you who has to hand over the fee.

Travel time by taxis takes about 30 minutes. Estimated meter prices are: (1) To Central, Hong Kong Island: HK$300; (2) To Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon: HK$250 (3) To Sha Tin, New Territories: HK$200.

Taxis are best to ride if you want to control your time, and if you want to enjoy your personal space while travelling.


There are also buses that loads and unloads passengers in the bus terminal of the airport. Most will bring you to Tung Chung Station of the MTR. (From there, you can ride the subway to reach your destination as the MTR system has stations all over Hong Kong). There are also ones that bring you to parts of Hong KongIsland, Kowloon and the NewTerritories. Estimated travel time of buses to Central is around 45 minutes to an hour while travel time to Kowloon is only 30 minutes.

Usually, buses are frequent during the day boarding every 10 minutes. At night though, buses may take as long as 30 minutes. Fares depend on where you are going but the maximum fare is HK$5. The average fare from Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon to Airport costs around HK$33, while from Causeway Bay, Kowloon to Airport costs around HK$22. Take note that buses in Hong Kong don’t give change. Therefore, be ready to bring the exact amount or pay using Octopus Card

The advantage of riding a bus is that you can enjoy the scenery while leaving or coming to the airport. Buses pass through Tsing Ma Bridge – the longest suspension bridge in the world which carries both road and railway traffic – making your journey more interesting. Aside from that, buses have relatively low fares compared to the train and taxis.  However, make sure your time is flexible because buses stop frequently at different stations.

Transfer service

Exclusive to the passengers of the Airport Express is a free Shuttle Bus to selected hotels. The Airport shuttle service departs from the Hong Kong Island Station and Kowloon Station of the Airport Express from 6:20am until 11:10pm. To check if your hotel is included in the list of destinations of the shuttle bus, see the posted timetables at the said stations.

Some hotels offer airport transfers for free or with charge. Contact your hotel to ask. A list of accommodations available their facilities, services and other reviews are also found in theAccommodations tab. 


Local Tips:

You may give a HK$20 tip to luggage carriers at the airport as courtesy.

It is advisable to exchange only what you need to get into your hotel because exchange rates in the airport are lower compared to foreign exchange centers in town.


Airport Bus Services
Routes Destination  Operating hours(to downtown) Fare (HK$) Service Provider
A Routes
A10 Ap Lei Chau Est 0650 - 0020 48 Citybus
A11 Nouth Point Ferry Pier 0610 - 0030 40 Citybus
A12 Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) 0600 - 0010 45 Citybus
A21 Hung Hom Station 0600 - 2400 33 Citybus
A22 Lam Tin Station 0600 - 0010 39 Citybus
A31 Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) 0600 - 2400 18.9 Long Win
A41 Tuen Mun Station 0600 - 2400 22.3 Long Win
A41P Sha Tin(Yu Chui Court) 0705 - 2400 27.7 Long Win
A43 Ma On Shan (Yiu On) 0700 - 2400 30.9 Long Win
E Routes
E11 Tin Hau Station 0520 - 2400 21 Citybus
E21 Tai Kok Tusi (Island Harbourview) 0530 - 2400 14 Citybus
E22 Lam Tin(North) 0530 - 2400 18 Citybus
E22A Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam) 0700 - 2350 24 Citybus
E23 Tsz Wan Shan(South) 0530 - 2400 18 Citybus
E32 Kwai Fing Station 0530 - 2400 10.8 Long Win
E33 Tuen Mun (Central) 0530 - 2400 13.9 Long Win
E34 Tin Shui Wai Town Centre 0530 - 2400 13.9 Long Win
E41 Tai Po Tau 0530 - 2400 13.9 Long Win
E42 Sha Tin (Pok Hong) 0530 - 2400 13.9 Long Win
N Routes
N11 Central (Macao Ferry) 0050 - 0450 31 Citybus
N21 Tsim Sha Tsui(Star Ferry) 0020 - 0440 23 Citybus
N31 Tsuen Wan(Discovery Park) 0015 - 0515 21.6 Long Win
S Routes
S1 Tung Chung Station ( via Terminal 1) to AsiaWorld-Expo 0530 - 2400 3.5 Citybus/Long Win
S56 Tung Chung Station ( via Ting Chung North) to AsiaWorld-Expo 0555 - 2255 3.5 Citybus
S64 Tung Chung Yat Tung (via Cargo & Catering area) to Terminal 1 0524 - 2400 3.6 Citybus


Taxi Fare
Destinations   Types  Fares(per vehicle)
Hong kong island
Aberdeen   RED TAXIS     HK$310.00
Causeway Bay   RED TAXIS     HK$280.00
Central   RED TAXIS     HK$280.00
North Point   RED TAXIS     HK$290.00
Quarry Bay   RED TAXIS     HK$295.00
Wan Chai   RED TAXIS     HK$275.00
Western District   RED TAXIS     HK$270.00
Hung Hom Station   RED TAXIS     HK$225.00
Tsim Sha Tsui East   RED TAXIS     HK$225.00
Mongkok   RED TAXIS     HK$235.00
Kwun Tong   RED TAXIS     HK$260.00
Tsim Sha Tsui   RED TAXIS     HK$225.00
Yau Ma Tei   RED TAXIS     HK$225.00
New Territories
Sha Tin Centre   RED TAXIS     HK$250.00
Tsuen Wan Station   GREEN TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$180.00 - HK$190.00
Tsing Yi Station   GREEN TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$165.00 - HK$175.00
Tuen Mun Town Centre   GREEN TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$225.00 - HK$235.00
Yuen Long Town Centre   GREEN TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$245.00 - HK$255.00
Asia World-Expo   BLUE TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$13.00 - HK$18.00
Tung Chung Station   BLUE TAXIS and RED TAXIS HK$35.00 - HK$45.00
Hong Kong Disneyland   BLUE TAXIS and RED TAXIS and GREEN TAXIS HK$100.00 - HK$115.00